Demo2 first
FGCU Solar Panels
Demo2 second
FGCU Solar Panels lead by following the sun.
Demo2 third
Circuits A-D of the Solar Field.
Demo2 fourth
The Library's Photo Voltaic Panels

Power Variables

AC Energy Produced: 6648968.0 kWh
AC Current Phase A: 243.0 degrees
AC Current Phase B: 207.3 degrees
AC Current Phase C: 254.0 degrees

Enviromental Variables

Ambient Temperature: 27.4º Celcius
Wind Speed: 6.41 knots
Wind Direction: 73.17º

Equipment Variables

DataLogger Temperature: 31.97º Celcius
Cell Temperature: 26.08º Celcius
Horizontal Irradiance: 27.4
POA Irradiance: -0.17

FGCU Solar Plant Student Projects
This page is a culmination of student projects. Projects will be added soon.