Demo2 first
FGCU Solar Panels
Demo2 second
FGCU Solar Panels lead by following the sun.
Demo2 third
Circuits A-D of the Solar Field.
Demo2 fourth
The Library's Photo Voltaic Panels

Power Variables

AC Energy Produced: 6648968.0 kWh
AC Current Phase A: 243.0 degrees
AC Current Phase B: 207.3 degrees
AC Current Phase C: 254.0 degrees

Enviromental Variables

Ambient Temperature: 27.4º Celcius
Wind Speed: 6.41 knots
Wind Direction: 73.17º

Equipment Variables

DataLogger Temperature: 31.97º Celcius
Cell Temperature: 26.08º Celcius
Horizontal Irradiance: 27.4
POA Irradiance: -0.17

Welcome to FGCU Solar Plant Webpage

      At Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), sustainability and environmental stewardship are core components of the University’s mission and figure prominently in research, campus design and overall operation. FGCU has multitudinous ways of minimizing its impact on the planet. The University’s solar plant is a highly visible demonstration of its commitment to environmental sustainability in all its operations.

      FGCU's 15-acre solar photovoltaic array produces approximately one-fifth of all the power the campus needs. The plant delivers two megawatts of electricity and produces eighty-five percent of the energy needed to operate Lutgert Hall and Seidler Hall. The plant generates power by rows of solar panels that tilt and rotate as they “follow” the sun throughout the day. This effort reduces the University’s dependency on Florida Power & Light Co. by eighteen percent, saving more than half a million dollars annually.

      Since its founding, 400 acres on the University's main campus has been set aside for environmental preservation. FGCU has also constructed a number of lakes on the campus which are home to large numbers of wildlife and help promote the ecology of the area.